I cannot read the NFC Chip

In the unlikely event that it is not possible to read the NFC chip, check the following points:

  • When reading the MRZ, make sure you have “Strict Check” for the MRZ enabled in the settings. This gives you the greatest chance that the MRZ will be read correctly. (this is necessary for the correct approach to the NFC chip)
  • Make sure that the document you are trying to scan actually has an NFC chip. The following icon should be visible on your document
  • Depending on the phone used, the NFC antenna can be in a different position. Move the identity document slowly against the back of your phone to see if the NFC chip is recognized.
  • Once the NFC chip is read, hold the document still and tightly against the back of your phone until Check4ID indicates that the reading is complete.
Categorie: Problems logging in and using Check4ID