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document control with check4id

Check4ID supports the following Identity documents:

  • National and international passports, ID cards, residence permits provided with an MRZ which complies with the ICA-9303 standard
  • Many so-called “Near ICAO” identity documents, including for example the French ID Cards
  • The European driving licenses provided with an MRZ and NFC chip, including the Dutch driving licenses model 2014 and 2018
  • US and Canadian driver’s licenses with a PDF-417 barcode

Check4ID performs several checks:

  • Document check, including MRZ, check numbers and expiration date
  • NFC chip control, including EF.SOD versus EF.COM, active and passive authentication, Document signer and CSCA certificate
  • Cross-check MRZ and NFC chip

You can export data via XML or JSON if your account supports it.

  • In the navigation menu item “Output Manager” you can set in which format and to which target (url) the data should be exported
  • In settings / external output, please set the “Process Output Manager” function