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Problems logging in and using Check4ID

To use Check4ID, an account is always required from scanactive.com

You can temporarily use Check4ID for 7 days for free by creating an account at scanactive.com.

If you are having trouble logging in:

  • First check whether your iPhone or Android Phone is connected to the internet via your provider or WiFi connection.
  • Make sure you are using the correct email address and password that you provided when creating an account on scanactive.com.
  • If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it at scanactive.com.

In the unlikely event that you have problems reading the MRZ:

  • Check that the MRZ is “clean”
  • When scanning, minimize light influences and reflections from the outside
  • Scan preferably without using your phone’s flash
  • Keep the MRZ as large as possible in the active part of the scan template
  • When necessary and depending on the phone’s camera, landscape scanning can be an option
  • Turn on the “overlay” in settings / notifications as an extra visual aid

In the unlikely event that it is not possible to read the NFC chip, check the following points:

  • When reading the MRZ, make sure you have “Strict Check” for the MRZ enabled in the settings. This gives you the greatest chance that the MRZ will be read correctly. (this is necessary for the correct approach to the NFC chip)
  • Make sure that the document you are trying to scan actually has an NFC chip. The following icon should be visible on your document
  • Depending on the phone used, the NFC antenna can be in a different position. Move the identity document slowly against the back of your phone to see if the NFC chip is recognized.
  • Once the NFC chip is read, hold the document still and tightly against the back of your phone until Check4ID indicates that the reading is complete.

There are several possible situations in which you can scan a barcode of a document instead of an MRZ.
Check4ID supports barcodes specific to documents, these are:

  • The QR code as it can be found on the back of plastic Dutch driving licenses since 2014
  • The PDF417 Barcode as found on US Driver’s Licenses

Check4ID supports the modern Dutch driving licenses model 2014 and 2018 which are equipped with an NFC Chip.

To read these driving licenses you must:

  • First scan the MRZ on the front, or QR code on the back
  • Then read the NFC chip by placing the driver’s license tightly against the back of the phone

To read these driving licenses with Check4ID, reading the NFC chip is necessary.

document control with check4id

Check4ID supports the following Identity documents:

  • National and international passports, ID cards, residence permits provided with an MRZ which complies with the ICA-9303 standard
  • Many so-called “Near ICAO” identity documents, including for example the French ID Cards
  • The European driving licenses provided with an MRZ and NFC chip, including the Dutch driving licenses model 2014 and 2018
  • US and Canadian driver’s licenses with a PDF-417 barcode

Check4ID performs several checks:

  • Document check, including MRZ, check numbers and expiration date
  • NFC chip control, including EF.SOD versus EF.COM, active and passive authentication, Document signer and CSCA certificate
  • Cross-check MRZ and NFC chip

You can export data via XML or JSON if your account supports it.

  • In the navigation menu item “Output Manager” you can set in which format and to which target (url) the data should be exported
  • In settings / external output, please set the “Process Output Manager” function

Age Verification with Check4ID

To use Check4ID only for age verification, set the Result Type as “age verification” in the general settings.

In the age check settings, turn on the “Smart Scan” feature.

Check4ID will then only perform the necessary readout actions to determine the age

For the Dutch driving licenses you must also read the NFC chip to get an age check result.