Prevent underage sales with our Age Verification tools in Check4ID.

Age verification based on identity documents is being increasingly applied within the private sector.
Partly due to recent legislation such as the Opium Act, the Tobacco Act and the Drinking and Catering Act
As a seller, you must ensure that your customer is unmistakably 18 years old.

Adequate Age Verification

With Check4ID you can quickly determine the age of your visitors and customers.

Check Age
Quickly and easily check a persons age based on ID cards, passports and European driving licenses, which are equipped with a chip.
Smart Scan Mode
Quick results with our unique "Smart Scan Mode" in which only the necessary reading actions required for age verification are performed.
Passport photograph
You can also quickly determine whether you are dealing with the right person based on the passport photo.
Age Limits
Set one or more age limits. For example younger than 16 years, 16 or 17 years and 18 years and older.

AgeBuddy for Android is now part of Check4ID.

All known functionalities and much more are now also available on the iPhone.


With thousands of age control systems supplied at catering establishments, coffee shops, supermarkets, gas stations, events, sports canteens, tobacconists, etc., we know better than anyone what is needed for adequate and rapid age control.


With more than 11 million copies in the Netherlands, the driver's license, also in the possession of 16 and 17-year-olds, is the most frequently shown document to identify itself.

Check4ID also supports scanning the QR or PDF-417 code of a driver's license, which improves speed.


Using the information obtained, Check4ID can, in addition to determining the age, also check whether documents are scanned repeatedly to prevent "passing on".